Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Romans Bible BIB 3616
Naylor, Michael
Ruth and Esther Bible BIB 4517
Beyer, Bryan
Gospel of John Bible BIB 4610
McWilliams, Kevin
For Library Use Only
Revelations Bible BIB 4679
Naylor, Michael
Bib & Theo Integrative Sem Bib and Theo Studies BTS 4710
Croteau, David
Christian Theology Bib and Theo Studies THE 3310
Naylor, Michael
Research, Statistics, and Evaluation Counseling CNS 5410
Scott, Seth
Psychopathology Counseling CNS 5420
Scott, Seth
Assessment Counseling CNS 6430
Scott, Seth
Practical TEFL Skills Communication LNG 4472
LeTexier, Joseph
Foundations of Reading Education EDU 5601
Clevenger, Elizabeth
Exegesis and Exposition of Mark Greek GRE 4306
Klausli, Markus
Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy PHI 2110-01, H Section 01 & H
Reibsamen, Jonathan
These reserves are for PHI 2110, sections 01 & H.
General Psychology Psychology PSY 2110
Vessey, Thomas