Name Dept. Course # Section Term Instructors Notes
Romans Bible BIB 3616
Naylor, Michael
Bible for Teachers Bible BIB 3820
Cooper, Anita
Old Testament Theology Bible BIB 4321/6320
Noonan, Benjamin
These books are on reserve for BIB 4321 & BIB 630.
Isaiah Bible BIB 4548
Beyer, Bryan
Gospel of Luke Bible BIB 4607
McWilliams, Kevin
Genesis to Song of Songs Bible BIB 5112
Noonan, Benjamin
Christian Theology Bib and Theo Studies THE 3310
Naylor, Michael
Principles of Biology Biology BIO 2113 01
Reasons, Saxon
Discovering the Mission of God Intercultural Studies ICS 1210
Castor, George
Multicultural Counseling Counseling CNC/CNS 5075
Pruitt, Rhonda
Advanced Multicultural Counseling Counseling CNC/CNS 6015
Pruitt, Rhonda
Writing for the Media Communication COM 3420
DeLozier, Daniel
Teaching Bible Education EDU 5440
Cooper, Anita
Literature and Research English ENG 1111
Baarendse, Stephen
British Literature 1 English ENG 3610
Baarendse, Stephen
Intermediate Greek Grammar and Syntax Greek GRE 4210/6210
Croteau, David
These books are on reserve for GRE 4210 & GRE 6210.
Hebrew 3 Hebrew HEB 6220
Noonan, Benjamin
Spiritual Formation Ministry MIN 5300/MSD 1110
Rabon, Melina
Transformational Bible Teaching Ministry MIN 6344
Rabon, Melina
Introduction to Philosophy Philosophy PHI 2110-01, H Section 01 & H
Reibsamen, Jonathan
These reserves are for PHI 2110, sections 01 & H.
Theory of Knowledge Philosophy PHI 3515
Reibsamen, Jonathan
Ethics Philosophy PHI 4140-01, 02, H Sections 01, 02, & H
Reibsamen, Jonathan
These reserves are for PHI 4140-01, 02, & H.
Models and Applications of Counseling Psychology Psychology 3440-01 Section 01
Johnson, Steve
General Psychology Psychology PSY 2110
Vessey, Thomas